Academic Projects

Title Description Report
Optimal Grouping of Cores in BOSS MOOL To implement an optimal way of classifying the cores in a multi-core system, into different sets based on certain criteria to improve the overall performance. View
Implementation of Task Scheduling algorithm with Deadline Constraints for MapReduce To implement a task scheduling algorithm with deadline constraints in Hadoop platform. It considers the specified deadlines of a job and tries to make the job be finished before the deadline. View
Answering new Questions in Community Answering Forums with past Answers To design an engine to predict answers to new questions using the past best answers of questions in Community Answering Forums. View
Animation and Deformations of Softbody Characters using OpenGL 4.0 The objective is the physical realization of 3D models, carve and deform the object to reach equilibrium. To design a character in its neutral poses as well as a set of deformed target poses with smooth non-jerky animation using OpenGL 4.0 View
Detection of Video Tampering To detect whether a given video contain evidence of tampering by locating forged regions in it using correlation of noise residue. View
Context Sensitive Spell Checker and Auto-Corrector To design a context sensitive spelling corrector using the context words and collocations. View