RG Time!

Listen to what my besties at IITM have to say about me. Thanks to Shashwat Salgaocar for compiling it.

Google for 'IIT Madras Kerala student' and this guy's name is the first result you get. No surprise there, since he is probably the most prominent face of undergraduate mallus in insti. His conceit in having got into the coveted CS branch of IIT Madras has made many wonder whether he added CS as his initials after getting in. Others like to believe that it stands for 'C'ock 'S'ucker instead.

This man has a weird way of knowing who you are, before you know him. “When I came to insti I heard stories about him, when I met him he was creepier than the stories portrayed him as!". He is a self acclaimed freshie stalker "forever"! He represents the height of paining freshies, making them buy drinks for him. He is well known throughout insti for his “Interaction sessions”. He has installed a hanging switch for tubelight next to his bed that he keeps switching on and off during 'interaction' for full disco feel! He even ragged second year guys! Once he posed himself as a MITR member and threatened 2nd years while they're interacting with the freshers –ragged second years infront of freshers! "Mistaking CS for a first year in my first year, I had to learn a mallu song because of that – my sincere advice, you don't mess with CS!"

'Choriyan' is the Mallu term for infinitely paining people without shame or regret, something CS is known for. So much so that he is called ‘C’hori ‘S’ervice. This fucker always pains - When you are going on a cycle, he tries to make you lose balance. When you are walking, tries to run you over! When he is frustrated with his stressful CS curriculum, he vandalises his wing neighbours' rooms. Once he came to the room, took the talcum powder and completely squeezed it out on the guy to make him look like a polar bear. He also goes to rooms and writes the room owners name using toothpaste – joblessness! His consistent and persistent efforts to make life difficult for others is very infamous. But, you know, that's HIS way of spreading happiness and laughter.

He keeps posting selfies from every possible gathering as well as annoying 'Mallu posts' on Facebook. A wide range of people from PhD scholars to freshies have had the misfortune to be featured in his very own Mallu troll page, 'Vijrambicha IIT Chalikal' fondly known as VIC among its fans. He has a habit of taking compromising photos and videos of his wingmates and posting them on VIC as well.

He is the design core of CS11 batch. He is the one who changed the damn boring Alak website to a whole different level. He has designed at least 10-12 T-Shirts and 3-4 Websites, and made infi cash from these as well! He has also earned pocket money from various Local and National 'Service Schemes'. Inspite of all that cash he never puts treat himself. Instead he takes treats from others! He possesses a unique skill called "Treat Extraction", wherein he approaches his target and utters "Put Treat" - this later became a meme, and if the target fails to comply, he proceeds to employ certain trademark tactics, including flattery or 'soaping', blackmailing, and threatening with the prospect of trolling on VIC. He asks for treat for putting the tunnelling fundaes - he will convince you that you would get around 80mbps speed forever. Once he gets the treat though, the rascal changes the password!

He is an excellent leader and is highly resourceful. Armed with infi contacts of people from all batches and branches of insti, he has the ability to get any kind of work done, by the correct people. If you have any problem, CS and his army of freshies (or CS and his minions, as they are more popularly known) will solve it for you. He is always ready to walk the extra mile to help (and pain people), especially juniors.

He puts more enthu than anyone else for making his buddies’ birthdays memorable – he surprised his best buddies many times! Despite all the 'pain' inherent, he's a down to earth caring guy, does not RG people, has good leadership and speaking skills and loves everyone around him. “I remember, his NSS project was one among the best, and he showed his mark in every single step!”. He really cares people who are close to him, like a big brother!

People suspect this guy to be a 'Kundan' (Gay) – hanging out with boys all the time. No enthu in girls at all, except when he wants to borrow cash! What is so surprising is that, he recently had a crush on a freshie girl, Yes! A girl! Though he had great liking, his good self-awareness has made him realize that she is out of his league. He came close to making a half attempt at proposing, but as soon as he felt that she is gonna reject him, he expressed disinterest before she could say no, saving his face.

‘Kundatharam' and 'Chori' aside, he is one of the best seniors and a true friend, like a cool big brother to many young mallus. His absence will be truly felt, a gap that cannot be filled. He will be missed.