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9th June
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I'm Abhijith, a Techie by passion and profession. And well, a super cool human being too!

I love doing tech stuff, or anything that interests me. It's been said, "do what you love". But I take it the other way, "love what you do". Keep it simple, why make things unnecessarily complicated in life, huh?!

I always wish to do things differently, and taking up the risk of challenging tasks always thrills me. As Steve Jobs once said, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower", I never wanted to be a follower! I believe that passion is necessary to be able to successfully perform. Because only, passion can lend the strength to do justice to anything that we do. Stay passionate!

Friendship is one of the most important values in my life. With friends we exchange new ideas, find many interesting things about each other and experience new things. I'm always keen to get to know about new interesting individuals. Drop a message below and lets get connected!

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A passionate Software Engineer with a few years of industry experience with a demonstrated history of working in the eCommerce and Banking domain. Skilled in NodeJS, Java, PHP, Spring and AngularJS. Strong engineering professional with a B-Tech degree in Computer Science from IIT Madras. A fast learning computer scientist with passion in technology and products.


Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

2011 - 2015

B-Tech in Computer Science and Engineering


Data Structures and Algorithms Cloud Computing Natural Language Processing Graph Theory Database Systems Computer System Design Operating Systems Computer Networks Computer Organization Language Translators Principles of Software Engineering Advanced Programming Probability and Stochastic Process

professional exprience


Bangalore Jul 2020 - present

Senior Software Engineer

Building highly scalable services which fuels the gaming experience on the platform. Adopting event driven architecture across multiple distributed services for high throughput and efficient load balancing.


Bangalore Sep 2019 - Jun 2020

Senior Software Engineer

Involved in designing and end-to-end development of new features to the pharmaceutical supply chain product, with complete ownership. Responsible for making the existing systems fault tolerant and more scalable.


Chennai Feb 2018 - Sep 2019

Lead Developer

Led the tech at Accelerate, an early stage product startup. Involved in the initial architecture, design and development of the potential retail product. Architec

EdgeVerve Systems

Bangalore Jul 2015 - Jan 2018

Member of Technical Staff CTO's Office

Been a part of the Technology Incubation Team at EdgeVerve, with responsibilities including - making it's product and platform fast, scalable, reliable and fault tolerant. Contributions include different kinds of performance tests, build simulation models for making scientific assessments.


Bangalore May 2014 - Jul 2014

Software Engineer Intern

Research project in desigining a tool for the automated generation of SDK functions (specifically Android SDK) from given WADL description of a REST API (API Model) using the Apigee Edge platform and the open-source project Apache CXF.

programming skills

Java 80%


java script 90%

PHP 70%

C / C++ 90%

SQL 80%

AngularJS 70%

HTML + CSS 80%


NodeJS PHP Java Spring JavaScript AngularJS SQL HTML CSS C C++


Blockchain Electron Loopback ExpressJS Ionic MySQL MongoDB CouchDB AWS ElasticSearch Kubernetes Docker Jenkins Redis Kafka

My Projects_

Optimal Grouping of Cores in BOSS MOOL

The BOSSMOOL - Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux (MOOL) aims at redesigning the existing linux kernel with minimal set of core OO components. To implement an optimal way of classifying the cores in a multi-core system, into different sets based on certain criteria to improve the overall performance. This research project was done under the guidance of Prof. D Janakiram at the Distributed and Object Systems Lab, IIT Madras.

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Implementation of Task Scheduling algorithm with Deadline Constraints for MapReduce

A task scheduling algorithm with deadline constraints in Hadoop platform. It considers the specified deadlines of a job and tries to make the job be finished before the deadline.

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Answering new Questions in Community Answering Forums with past Answers

An engine to predict answers to new questions using the past best answers of questions in Community Answering Forums.

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Animation and Deformations of Softbody Characters using OpenGL 4.0

The objective is the physical realization of 3D models, carve and deform the object to reach equilibrium. To design a character in its neutral poses as well as a set of deformed target poses with smooth non-jerky animation using OpenGL 4.0

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Detection of Video Tampering

Detection of any evidence of video tampering by locating the forged regions by using the correlation of noise residue.

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Context Sensitive Spell Checker and Auto-Corrector

To design a context sensitive spelling corrector using the context words and collocations.

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